jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011

The Purpose of This Blog

Hi to everybody;
From now this blog will be my first presentation to the world of who I am and what I mean to do in life; for this matter i will describe my self to give you all an idea of how I am.
Actually I´m a student of Aeronautical Engineering, from a little town in Colombia, I´m 20 and I live in Medellín.
I like the simple things of life; rural landscapes, cold weather, mountains, airplanes as you can figure from what I study. Science has been a great source of amazement through all my life, since child I´ve been atracted to the problems that are related with machines, inventions, and specially flying objects.
I also like a lot the greek culture, both ancient and modern, one of my goals is to learn greek, although it´s probably a useless language, as many relatives have told me... (in such cases I like to avoid pragmatism).
The last four years of college (from the 5 year undergraduate program) have been critical in the definition of my essence, as an adult, as a men, and as a human.

Thanks to you all, I hope you to come back to this blog.


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